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Maintenance Programs

Dedicated to up-keeping your computer systems at all times, we offer two suitable plans for our Maintenance programs.

Plan 1 - AD Hoc Basis

+ support is based on per call basis
+ client will only be attended when called
+ response time is based on availability of technical support personnel
+ each visit consist of 1st two initial hour and every subsequent hour will be additional surcharge

Plan 2 - Customized SLA (Service Level Agreement) Basis

Tailored made maintenance program which allows clients hire an IT Staff to maintain and support the computer system. Options include;

+ Set your own maintenance timeframe for support, e.g. one visit per week for 4 working hours. In this option, we will assign a IT personnel to support the system once a week - (as an outsourced part-time IT Personnel)
+ Pre-buy support hours (similar to AD Hoc Basis ) but on a more discounted rate
+ Set response times e.g., 4 hours or the next working days (depends on the level of support required)

Our maintenance programs are fully customizable and are tailored to offer you the highest return on the lowest cost. Call us now to customize your own services plan.