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Business IT Consulting

Businesses weather large or small, require IT work in one form or another, from PC and software maintenance and repair to wireless networking. However, unlike larger companies, small and mid-sized businesses usually have neither necessity, nor manpower to maintain a full time IT employee.

Annex’s professionals can provide consulting services to suit all your business needs. Here are just some of the many consulting services we can provide:

+ Scheduled, routine maintenance of your current PC / Networking environment
+ Provide assistance in determining your company's IT strategic goals
+ Act as technical consultants and intermediaries for the research and purchase of new computer, telephony, and networking related equipment with your vendor of choice
+ Provide technical / troubleshooting assistance for any hardware, networking, or software related issues
+ Assist in website design and maintenance - to include domain level assistance

Our top-notch professionals have the solutions to whatever your business requirements may be and one of the main points that separate Annex from others is the extensive knowledge and expertise dedicated to you. You will find that every solution we provide is uniquely tailored to your company. We believe that every company is different, every solution and service is different.