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Welcome To Annex

When Annex was incorporated in 2000, we strongly believed that an organization staffed with highly experienced people could help our customers achieve bottom-line enhancing strategies. Today, this diligence has made us a much sought after IT skills-based company focused on quality while attracting and retaining systems design engineers with strong problem-solving skills.

Because the success of your IT project depends on many factors, you deserve an IT partner with a proven history of producing outstanding results in the face of technical challenges and tight delivery schedules. Be it hardware, software or maintenance solutions, at Annex, we work side-by-side with you doing whatever it takes to meet your project goal.

The Annex Advantage

  • Focusing on your business objective.
  • Experienced IT personnel only.
  • Implementation is done right the first time.
  • Local support (within 8 hours).
  • Strong Customer, Technology Relationship.
  • Solve problems in hours, not weeks.